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Not my child, but my nephew....

Calls pepperonis on pizzas 'meat buttons'

Today's quotes

"I can't stop enjoying scalectrix"

And also

My Da was putting on Lord of the rings a few minutes ago and asked the nephew to tell his Nana (who hates LOTR) that he's putting Lord of the rings on so he shouts in "Nana Granda is puttin on Ring Of The Lord"

"That's a different film I think"

Jesus we couldnt stop laughing.
Not my child but on the train there a dad was explaining science stuff to two kids.

One kid asks "So what about cooking and baking then?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well how come you can cook bacon but you have to bake cookies?"

A baffled dad changed the subject to pics of cool cars on his phone.
Somewhat paraphrased:

- I only like some fish. X gave me salmon and I didn't like it
- well thats ok, lots of people don't like fish
- but mammy doesn't eat meat OR fish because she's Japanese
- Mammy's not Japanese, she's a vegetarian, a japanese person is someone from Japan.
- Is Japan a country
- Yes
- What country do vegetarians come from

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