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  • Thankfully not. I do have 8 incident reports to my name, but that is a case of being a walking disaster rather than a victim of random violence. Oh hey, I really wanted to make it to the Bould Corner the night you played, but fate intervened, but do you play frequently or at all?
    Not yet! I've got a month or so here, before I head. Finishing my job Saturday week and then prancing about doing very little until July 20th. The anticipation!
    I only say man voice because merely saying beautiful voice has an ethereal girly connotation... but its lovely.
    Just listened to your song 'Smile' on myspace. didn't know you had such a beautiful man voice.
    Just for a year, got into the University of Sussex to do my masters in Literature and Philosophy. I'll be sort of tag-teaming between Ireland and Brighton. It will more than likely be a waste of money!
    Well she wasn't as attractive as her, but she had a similar shaped head/features. 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth too.
    delayed, but gosh, i must say well done! tristen is one of my most intense lady horns. i'm jealous now.
    You know, I do too, it's such a pity I'm not a lesbian, I have far better taste in girls than I do in gentlemen.
    This is true but then the streets of Dublin are harly lacking in weird behaviour!
    Why thank you Ian, you have a good heart and a good memory. I shall pass that sentiment along, and hopefully we'll see you soon. Give me a shout if you're ever around town.
    And you too! I shall try to avoid cretinous creatures and only talked to thumped members on the streets at night ;)
    I should apologise for my brother. We shouldn't let him out, the fiend. He's only a young'un though.
    I did indeed, thank you kind sir for your chivalry. Luckily I don't live in the world of the wire or something, late nights make me unwittingly foolhardy.
    Hey Thanks a million dude. Nice to meet you again the other night. Probably catch you at a gig or two in the coming weeks.
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