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Maybe a little hungover yesterday morning. 4 year olds were watching Frozen.

Scene *Frozens parents boat is shipwrecked in a storm*
T1: "Her mum and dad die"

Next scene *2 gravestones beside each other.*
T2: "But they still together."

Chris D: *cry*
I was very confused by "giving off".

Giving out is not giving off. Nor is it "givin' it the big 'un".
As in to complain?
Yeah. An example might be

Chris D to Lily on a walk. "Audrey wasn't very happy earlier was she?"

(Audrey was wrecking it.)

Lily. "No, my sisa was giving out."
Didn’t realise it was a colloquialism - I just took it as a standard English phrase. I’ll be giving out about this all day.
Daddy, I think it would be better if you called me Florence when we're out walking along the cliffs.

....Right. You don't like your name?

No no. I just think Florence is more suitable when we're walking down here. I've let Ruby know (her mate).

Do you walk down the cliffs with Ruby?

No. Don't be silly. I just think Florence is a more appropriate name for being friends with Ruby. It can be "Flo" too, it's up to you.


edit - it was one specific area of the cliffs too. Not the cliffs in general I've just remembered. There's a specific 100m stretch.
I’m travelling for work for a few days from tomorrow- so we got a take away pizza this evening as a treat. Dropping kid off to Montessori this morning went:

Kid (to teacher): d’ya notice we’re getting a postman pizza (ie takeaway) tonight
Teacher: very nice
Kid: yeah, daddy’s leaving us, so we’re getting a pizza

Teacher: shoots filthy look at daddy

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