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Can I count the funny things the kids I teach say ?

I asked one little dude last week what month it is.
He screwed up his face and thought for ages and answered :

Two thousand and ......Friday !!!!

Another time we were talking about the sea and a girl asked me where was the plug in the sea, she thought there was a giant plug hole somewhere and every so often the magic sea cleaner would empty all the sea down the plug hole, give the sea bed a good clean and then put the sea back in :):)
my youngest cousin carl, when he was about 4, stretched his arms up to the sky one evening and said to me "im hungry"

i said "but what's up there that you can eat?"

he turns and gives me this look as if to say 'silly bint' and goes "*big sigh* lauren, the moon is made of cheese ok?????"

I'm just gonna quote a kid I heard on a plane around Christmas.

He was tugging at his mother's arm going "Mammy mammy, why do other people know about Santa as well?"

He thought he was the only one.
Bedtime quote:
Me: 'Time for bed love'
Steven: 'Ah come on, ten more minutes PLEASE!'
Me: 'no you'll be wrecked tomorrow'
Steven: 'Tomorrow is in the future. I deal with the present'.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Dinner Time quote:
Me pickin a bit of chilli pepper out of my dinner
Steven: 'Why are you doing that?'
Me: 'Don't really like chilli peppers'
Steven: 'Oh yeah i forgot you're a vegetarian for spicy'

:p :p :p

Lovelife quote:
Me: 'Did you give Rosalin (girlfriend) her valentine's card?'
Steven: 'Yeah but i was nervous. It was like the start again'
Me: 'The start of what?'
Steven: 'You know, when we started loving each other'

:heart: :heart: :heart:
"Ah yeah, I'll fix that for ya, but I'll need to order in a part. Y'know, could take a couple of weeks. It'll be at least five hundred"


"Well, roi'. Since I know ya, I'll do it for four fifty, and I'll throw in a service as well"

"Thanks son"

"No problem. Now put the kettle on there boss"
My niece, when she was three, had a habit of picking up people's car keys off the table and saying "we'll see ye later lads" and heading for the door.
My girlfriend's best mate has a kid who is basically from Victorian times. Black curly locks, angelic, faraway look about him. Shan't say what his name is, but it definitely suits.

Anyway, my girlfriend (Jo) was out with her friend and this kid. The kid is something like 3 at the time.

Jo asks him if he wants to play on one of these coin-operated machines.

The kid looks up from his comic and says: "no, I'm rather busy right now".

Jo, taken aback: "oh! doing what?"

The kid: "having fun"
My baby sister (2 years old) this evening.

Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be a doctor?"

Ava shakes her head.

"Do you want to drive a bus?"

Same response every time.

"...Sell sweets in a shop? ... Be a farmer? ... Be a mammy? ... "

She finally answered. "A calf!"

Me: "Eh, a 'kauff?' I don't know what that is!"

She looks at me like I'm retarded and says, "a baby cow. You'll be a sheep and I'll be a cow. MooOOOO!!!!!"
not my kid, but my sister...
Staring off into the back garden
Do the trees grow back?
The trees... do they grow back or what?
What are you on about?
When the sun hits them, or does it hit different trees every night?
What... what are you talking about??
*big sigh*
WHEN THE SUN SETS... and sets all the trees on fire... DO THEY GROW BACK??
Ehh. The ehh, the sun doesnt hit the trees.
WELL I CAN SEE IT. Hitting them. At along the back there. Well what's all the red from then if its not the trees on fire? huh???
It's not like that, seriously, it's really not... hitting the tree's like.
*another sigh and rolling eyes"
Why can't you ever answer the question Philip? It's simple yes or no. DO THE TREES GROW BACK OR NOT.
Emm. No?
Right. Thanks. *storms off*.
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