• Breadcrumb Trail
    'Not musical alchemists on some lofty pedestal, just goofy teenagers with some chops and an ear for an interesting tune' - MacDara Conroy on Lance Ban...
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier has 'ambitions as a homage to 1970s political thrillers, which is perhaps overselling things a bit' says MacDara C...
  • The Offenders - Endless Struggle / We Must Rebel
    'They were angry, they felt ignored and they were ready to sing about it' - Niall McGuirk on Southern Lord's recent reissuing of The OffendersEndles...
  • Carla Bozulich - Boy
    'The soundtrack to accompany fear, excitement and a wish for things to be better' - Niall McGuirk on Carla Bozulich's Boy

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  • Julia Kent - Characters In The Narrative That Is Our Life
    'It always feels a bit like plugging in to an electrical socket: you get simultaneously charged, but also slightly frazzled' - Siobhán Kane spoke with Julia Kent, who plays Cork's Triskel Arts Centre & Dublin's Odessa Club this weekend

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  • Nay McArdle Nay McArdle
    Nay McArdle loves good music, books, films and debate. When not writing about herself in the third person she can usually be found tweeting from…
  • Dara Higgins Dara Higgins
    Dara Thomas Diplah Higgins has been part of the musical scene in Dublin since making his live debut, as a drummer, in 1989 at the…
  • Neill Dougan Neill Dougan
    Neill Dougan is originally from Co Antrim and writes about music. He is married to a woman who can rap along to the entirety of…