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I was due up a ladder today but wasnt up to it with this chest infection not gone yet. Customer was understanding.

Back in the shed now with a cuppa . Being your own boss is the only way to go.
New person started today, in her introduction on slack she says "I'm Ivory- Yes, like the soap ". The soap? Could it be that someone called Ivory doesn't know what ivory is?

Are they American? She might think people are more likely to be familiar with a soap brand there rather than an elepahnt's tusk
I just did an online theory course and test for an IPAF ticket. As in operating scissor lifts and that. I had one before but it expired mid-lockdown. Don't panic, there is a practical test next week.

I had to keep my webcam on for the whole thing to make sure it was actually me sitting there doing the course. It all just felt pervasive and perturbing. I'm doing this thing I can already do, unpaid, and you're using my camera on my laptop in my home using a photo I have provided to prove that I am me? Well, who tf are you?

It must have been messed up for you working-from-home lot. I really don't think I could've handled it.

Also, I only got 29/30 on the test, but that's more of a major complaint.
coming up to the end of my first month in the new job and the pay date has moved from the 25th of the month to the last day of the month (+2 days, give or take, because I'm remote and get paid via a third party company). All my bills are timed for around the 25th. The credit card is not optional as they lump on interest nearly straight away. Everything else will have to wait. I'm gonna be getting angry letters from people again.
working very weird hours and I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't start til around 1pm every day and am finishing between 6 and 8pm (occasionally 9pm). I'm loving the mornings off, but not sure I can turn it into a routine. It won't be like this forever - just until we can get a bit of autonomy from the yanks.

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