What do you take for lunch at work (1 Viewer)

The john west steam pots are good for a kettle based lunch. don't smell too much either.

i ate my cheese sandwiches way earlier, so i just had a €2 bag of discount gummy mix for lunch. i think im having a heart attack now.
pizza day in work. The Domino's Margerhita is as awful as I remembered. I'll stick with my Swiss cheese and hard-boiled egg salad roll.
I got a bumper pack of mixed cheapo crisps in Tesco so I could have one with my lunch every day. They're awful. Bacon Fries today..the gift that keeps on giving

I’ve more or less given up crisps for lunch. Still eat them at the weekend but never during the week. Same with cigarettes, unless I’m in the pub during the week, which varies week to week. So, yeah…
I eat some combo of (usually white) bread, cucumber, carrots, mayo, lettuce, turkey, ham, McCoy's Steak crisps, bananas, breakfast rolls, more carrots, salted peanuts, apples most days. About once every two weeks I/we get a takeaway for lunch but it is kinda gross though very reasonable (San Marino in Dundrum).

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