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Oct 13, 2002
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I'm awful at this. I think I've been on three variables of sandwich for about 2 years now.
I'm trying to avoid bread for medical reasons so I have ryvita ..every..single..day
It's not great in fairness
usually one of:
salad with chicken/fish

sometimes I might go out and have an omelette or something in the cafe

The bakery nearby does good value sandwiches and rolls. They just charge by the weight (whatever bread and fillings you like) and it rarely goes over €2
I rarely have the same thing more than two days in a row. Can't remember the last time I made sandwiches for work, probably over a year ago.
I tend to cook extra all the time and freeze loads of food, so leftovers from chili, casserole etc.
No staff room in work means I've been eating Sainsbury's ready meals for about a year. The Chilli is good, the Thai curry is grand and the Jalfazi is okay. Just realised there's an all you can eat chinese across the street that does a "small box" for £3.30 which is amazing considering how much you can cram in.
Usually a roll/wrap/sandwich & a black coffee from a shop/deli.
I always get out of the place for lunch. Just a change of enviroment. There is a canteen but I rarely go near it. I hate that institutionalized feeling.
Beans cooked in the pressure cooker
Tin of tomatoes
Salt etc

One packet of dried beans cooked would give me about a week of linches

It's warm, lovely
And NOT a fucking horrible sandwich or cusiene de france roll.
Leftovers or Salads most of the time. I walk past a lidl on my way to work every day, so often I pick up lunch there.

I used to be great at preparing lunches, just don't have time anymore.

and whatever garbage is being served in the 'restaurant'. Usually the vegetarian option is whatever they can make using solely aubergines and courgettes.
Today: salad niçoise, Tayto cheese and onion crisps, lidl Mars bar, forest fruits yoghurt and bacon fries. Three cups of tea. All consumed across the day as opposed to one sitting.
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