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Apr 18, 2006
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Anyone here use one of these?

I never bothered as I was always able to do personal stuff on the work laptop. That is about to change with my company's new overlords, so I'm looking to get a switch so I can use headphones, keyboard, mouse, etc, on either my personal or work, at the same time.

Basically, looking for recommendations. They seem pricey enough.
they do seem to be from china. I imagine his computers are probably from there also. perfect match

heres one on amazon
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Gonna take like six to eight weeks to arrive, though.
@rettucs can you ask your work to get one for you? Say it’s to facilitate safe working from home so your workspace doesn’t become too cluttered or something.
its a possibility. I'll be transitioning to a new company in July as the company I joined last month are being acquired. I have to wait to see what the craic is in the new place, but I know there's definitely some scope to get them to pay for stuff for us. I think we have a $600 budget per year, split over 6 month periods.

But I'm actually also thinking of just chancing my arm and seeing what I get away with on the work computer. The company I'm moving to is a behemoth of a company. I'm not sure they will have the time or inclination to see if I'm spending too much time on thumped or not.

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