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Title: Dummy
Artist: Portishead
Released: 1994

1 - Mysterons - 5:06
2 - Sour Times - 4:14
3 - Strangers - 3:58
4 - It Could Be Sweet - 4:19
5 - Wandering Star - 4:53
6 - It's a Fire - 3:49
7 - Numb - 3:57
8 - Roads - 5:05
9 - Pedestal - 3:41
10 - Biscuit - 5:04
11 - Glory Box - 5:05

Dummy is the debut album of the Bristol-based group Portishead. Released in August 22, 1994 on Go! Discs, the album earned critical acclaim, winning the 1995 Mercury Music Prize. It is often credited with popularizing the trip-hop genre and is frequently cited in lists of the best albums of the 1990s. Although it achieved modest chart success overseas, it peaked at #2 on the UK Album Chart and saw two of its three singles reach #13. The album was certified gold in 1997 and has sold two million copies in Europe. As of September 2011, the album was certified double-platinum in the United Kingdom and has sold as of September 2011 825,000 copies.

Building on the promise of their earlier EP, Numb, it helped to cement the reputation of Bristol as the capital of Trip hop, a nascent genre which was then often referred to simply as "the Bristol sound". The cover is a still of vocalist Beth Gibbons from the short film that the band created-To Kill a Dead Man-which originally got them signed due to their self composed soundtrack.
In addition to the already released "Numb", the album spawned two further singles: the UK #13 hit "Glory Box" and "Sour Times", which reached the same position, on re-release in 1995. On 3 December 2008, Universal Music Japan released Dummy and Portishead as limited SHM-CD versions.
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Bizarrely enough, I remember a specific conversation I had with someone one Saturday evening in the summer of 1995 while boozing on the roof of my apartment building. We were debating the merits of this LP vs Tricky's Maxinquaye (we really were the worst metallers ever) and I was adamant that it was far more likely that, 20 years on, people would still be listening to Dummy.

Depressed Morcheeba - I couldn't stand Dummy at the time, (2nd and 3rd Portishead albums are excellent, waaay better) but I might *MIGHT* give it a spin again to see if my 90s brain was all rong.
A whole summer listening to this, playing Doom. Some of my happiest memories. I was *this* close to buying all the old Doom games on Steam last night. This is a sign to get on it.

A masterpiece.
2nd and 3rd Portishead albums are excellent, waaay better

Totally! Their 3rd dips in and out of my all time top 3 albums.

That said, it all started with Dummy in fairness and I need to give it a re-listen. Some of it is amazing and still works really well live

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Tape version is better than the CD version. It's A Fire sticks out like a sore thumb when I listen to it now.
I listened to Dummy this afternoon, its grand or whatever. It seems a bit tame. But then I listened to Portishead and that's way better than I remembered it being - the standard of songwriting and general production/playing is way higher. Then I had my first ever listen to Third - deadly!
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