5th nuclear winter fest! (1 Viewer)


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If I didn't have to work in Galway at 9 in the morning on Saturday I'd get messy at this. Still can't wait though. Looking forward to all the bands.


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Fucking flights back to Ireland from Poland being ridiculously expensive mean I will miss this. Proper bummer, hoped to make it an uniterrupted chain.


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Fuck hostels, just follow everyone to a party. And rest assured that there are going to be a few parties going on.


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Putrefaction were really good. But the weekend was all about Fuck You Written in Shit and Visceral Attack. Hangover was so bad yesterday. Normailty today is good


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Fucking raging I wasn't there. So many bands I would have loved to see!

How were Visceral Attack and Cut The Reins?

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