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I would be very surprised is this family aren't mad Christians

Yeah thier xmas album sorta leans towards that.

I think their mother is really attractive though.

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This blockchain company is trying to poach me via linkedin

tempted to go for it just because I think it'd be hilarious to see what it's like inside a "blockchain foundation"
I showed up to fix some victorian crown moulding in a gaf this morning that had been water damaged by a longtime blocked gutter. The auld wan is looking the sell the place and just wanted it hidden. I took a closer look at it and noped the fuck out.

The whole lot was looking to come down. No thanks

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Creepy Future VS Mana VS Soft On Crime - Saturday Night Special in Anseo
18 Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland
Fronics 01
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7 Prussia St, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, D07 KA97, Ireland


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