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I don't really bank on retiring at all, in the sense of dwindling numbers of people to pay a pension, ever increasing work age and general low probability of the economy staying at 'wildly unsustainable' for another 25 years.
very tentative rumours of a redundancy package where i work .would be very tempted if true. i'm here two decades, and the package would be decent.
yeah, would be worth over two years pay. i could stick my feet up for two years and then just go get another job, no change in lifestyle required. apart from being bone idle.
I just got the new guy on the team to spend a week doing something I had already done, and forgotten about

after I had covid the first time I did a fair number of things I'd already done and forgotten about.

If I'd known I would have sent myself out to pick up a few skyhooks and a long weight.

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