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i was at an extended family event yesterday, and one of the upsides of this refugee influx is the increase in credibility of reported rapes now. used to be a case of 'well, it's just her word against his', now it's 'there were five rapes in the town' 'foreigners?' 'yeah, all foreigners'.

somehow the scepticism has evaporated. wonderful, isn't it?

To be clear they were only there to support the players from northern Ireland who are unionists
Davy Tweed, the former Unionist politician and sex offender (former because he's dead) was capped by Ireland a number of times in his 30's. Apparently after his selection he said to someone "after playing X times for my country (Ulster) I have been selected for Ireland."
I never hear this stuff except online. Which makes me think there’s an awful lot of people who don’t get challenged on it, ever.
it was a conversation between aunts and uncles; people in their 70s and early 80s. i managed to change the topic quickly enough.
i deliberately slipped conor macgregor into the conversation about 15 minutes later. the person who had first come out with the 'foreign rapists' story had never heard of him being accused of sexual assualt or worse.
I hear it from my parents (late 70s), and can testify that challenging them on it makes zero difference
It does. It might not change their mind but at least you me kids will see you not letting slide, even with your parents. You’d hope they’d be able to change your mind for the better when you’re old and not keeping up with things.
I should continue my decades-old futile effort to make my parents less prejudiced, so that my kids will do the same for/to me? That's a pretty convoluted justification for doing something that I can't help doing one way or the other
my folks aren't too bad; they manage to read both the guardian (because my dad reckons their international coverage is most trustworthy) and the daily mail. my mum recently repeated that 'cat litter in schools' bollocks to me, which she'd clearly read in the mail.

one topic which they've brought up several times is the supposed push to get rid of cribs from hospitals at christmas time.

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