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Sep 3, 2023
John Robb returns to Ireland with a new spoken word show entitled 'Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock & Roll?'. This is the follow up to his last book tour (The Art Of Darkness/The History Of Goth).

Irish Tour 2024

12th Sept -Cleere's Theatre (Kilkenny)
14th Sept -The Richmond Revival (Fermoy)
16th Sept -UCC (Cork)
17th Sept-Monroe's Live (Galway)
18th Sept -RCC (Letterkenny, Donegal)
20th Sept-Seamus Ennis Art Centre (Naul, Co.Dublin)
21st Sept-The Greyhound (Tralee)
22nd Sept-Clonakilty International Guitar Festival (West Cork)

John Robb is a many-faceted creature.

Not just a well known face from TV but also a best selling author, musician, journalist, presenter and pundit, music website boss, publisher, festival boss, spoken word artist and frontman of The Membranes/Goldblade.

John Robb is all these things and more.

His recently released book ‘The Art Of Darkness – The History Of Goth’ is a worldwide pop culture best seller.

He grew up in Blackpool before punk rock came along and saved his life and he formed The Membranes – the highly influential post punk band whose current albums keep pushing forward with added choirs and textures and are critically acclaimed.

He was one of the leading post punk fanzine writers in the UK with ‘Rox’ before he went on to write for the rock press with Sounds in the 80s. He was the first person to interview Nirvana, and coined the expression Britpop and was instrumental in kick starting and documenting the Madchester scene with his writing.

His music and culture website is currently the 5th most read music and culture sites in the UK and at the front of diverse modern culture.

He is a constant on TV and radio commenting on music, culture and politics and one of the UK’s leading in conversation hosts who has his own successful youtube channel and his own books & music festival in Manchester every year called ‘Louder Than Words’.

He has written many books such as best sellers ‘Punk Rock – an Oral History’ and ‘The Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop’.

Current projects include a new book with Alan McGee as well as his own autobiography and a collected works of journalism (Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock & Roll?).

Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock & Roll? is a history of alternative rock from John Robb, with the music still ringing in his ears. This collection follows John’s journey from the late 1970s, when he was first caught up in punk’s high-octane thrill, to the present day, via the early days of the rave scene, the birth of electronic and techno, and myriad bands that spun off on their own idiosyncratic paths.

John was the first person to write about Nirvana, he coined the term Britpop, and he documented the Stone Roses’ rise out of Manchester before anyone else was interested. He was at every pivotal gig, and has interviewed every key player in the business, including Jordan, the queen of punk, founding father of new American rock Steve Albini, goth-rock guitarist Daniel Ash, infamous Oasis co-founder Noel Gallagher, and music greats like Lemmy and Poly Styrene.

Few others have witnessed first-hand so many important moments of the last forty years of rock history. Here, they come together to form the essential history of a personal quest to document the ever-changing soundtrack of the modern world.


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