i hate this guy (1 Viewer)

I had a time where I was in the presence of stand up comedy people a lot and they are the darkest fuckers out there. I can't really enjoy much standup anymore because of it.
I like foil arms and hog though.
Your post interests me and I’d like to hear more
I take it back! Like this guy now.
Just listening to The Two Shites on radio five live as per usual in order to keep my rage levels up on a Friday evening, and Mark Kermode has made me despise him even more with his impersonation of Christopher Walken. God, what a despicable cumstain of unfettered smugness.

If I was looking to front a hardcore punk band with an emphasis on conveying unhinged rage on stage, I would make sure to play shows only on a Friday night. First up I'd have Kermode and Mayo, then I'd have a James Franco double bill to fill the space waiting for Tubs. Then straight down on my bike for a midnight show on Thomas St or wherever.
Bit of a risk though. Might end up killing someone from the stage, or choking to death on sheer unbridled rage.
I am not a fan of Mayo at all due to his try-hard everyman shtick but Kermode is alright I would have thought. He's pretty even handed and tries to do his best not to completely dumb it down for a broad audience, no?

I'm not an avid listener or anything and when I do listen the the one million in-jokes thing wears a bit thin, but then again i'm sure I love all the in-jokes in the stupid stuff I do listen to.
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