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May 16, 2012
I see the new English king has gone with "bathed in the blood of countless past generations" as the theme for his portrait
Can't say I hate the genuflection to reality

Because the Monarchy is transforming like a butterfly a well know type of which is called a Monarch.
Like why can't there just be one hanging around without everyone over thinking it you know ?
Well the artist reportedly said something to that affect or very similar when it was unveiled earlier today or that's at least what I read on sky news a minute ago
are you sure you aren't overthinking it, considering he's literally said what it is?
It is actually a monarch butterfly if you look at the pattern. I hadn’t even clocked the butterfly in my first glance, I was so entranced by the Hellraiser vibes.

My wife saw it last night. I knew she had just come across it because I heard her across the room exclaim “Jesus Christ, I thought Francis Bacon was dead!”
A perfect example of how a historical spelling mistake on a thread title can result in catastrophic consequences on a forum many years after the fact.

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