The Public Image Is Rotten

The Public Image is Rotten – IFI, Saturday 25th Aug

PiL documentary The Public Image is Rotten will be screened the night before their sold out Dublin gig

Tabbert Fiiller’s documentary covering the 40 year history of  Public Image Ltd. will be screened at the IFI on Saturday night. PiL will play a sold out Vicar Street on Sunday night.

The Public Image is Rotten is director Tabbert Fiiller’s examination of Public Image Ltd, a band that may not be as seismic in their cultural impact as the Sex Pistols, but is perhaps more worthy of serious consideration in terms of the calibre of their output and its expression of and relationship to Lydon’s restless and inventive musical nature.

While the focus here is on the music and its influence as figures such as Thurston Moore pay their respects, PiL is to Lydon as The Fall was to Mark E. Smith, and so inevitably the film takes on elements of a study of Lydon himself: iconoclastic, abrasive, unforgiving, and as endlessly compelling and unique within the industry as the music he has produced over his career.

Tickets are available online or by calling the IFI Box Office on 01-6793477.  

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