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I think that’s fair, I had to clear a failed freezer out of brain samples and animal cadavers that had been unknowingly left to rot for a month and that was simply the worst thing I’ve ever smelled and will ever smell. So I would revise my statement and say that stale smoke is the second worst smell.
Have you ever seen the 'pig in a car' myth on mythbusters?
I sometimes walk by someone smoking and think how nice it smells and I want a delicious smoke even though I know it's horrible. At the same time when ever get the delicious smell of good weed it triggers such happy memories but I have no desire to smoke a joint. Fuckin' nicotine addiction prick
I only smoke one pack a week. I'm sure that people guzzling cokes, alcohol, and eating fried/processed food consistently are doing more harm to their bodies than I am. *

*I could be wrong but I'm sticking to my assumptions.

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