The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages – Disappointing Cafe / Thus Follows

It’s time for some new music from The Middle Ages in the form of new single Disappointing Cafe + Thus Follows

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two more instant classics from The Middle Ages’ expanding catalogue of instant classics,” they say, and who are we to argue?

Disappointing Cafe is self explanatory, no metaphors here. The Middle Ages’ dictator Anthony Mackey explains “one evening I sat down with nothing and said ‘I’m not fucking getting up until I’ve written a song”.

Thus Follows is more complaint rock in the vein “I Can’t Die”, a song written by the bossy Mackey while in previous band Large Mound. It talks about the eventual death of art at the hands of greedy so-called fans. “Meanwhile we’re starving them and we’re giving them the fingers”.

The Middle Ages - Disappointing Cafe / Thus Follows
Their next gig will be on December 27th in he Arch Bar, Dunshaughlin, where they’ll be opening for Here Be Monsters at their one-off 25th anniversary reunion gig.

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