Here Be Monsters
Graham, Barry, Paul, Anthony

Here be the complete Here Be Monsters catalogue

Their debut release was 25 years ago, so what better time to grab the complete Here Be Monsters archive

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You can now find all of their releases at Since all four members of Here Be Monsters will be on the same land mass this Christmas, they’ve decided to regroup for a a one-off gig in The Arch Bar, Dunshaughlin’s on 27th December.

Here Be Monsters was a very active band all over Ireland from the early to mid ’90s. Now on the 25th anniversary of their first release, Haych, the band’s complete catalogue of three demos (these days we just call them albums) has been digitized directly from the master DAT tapes.

“Haych” (1992) , “Full” (1994) and “Fashionable & Functional” (1995) have never sounded so good. Back in 1994 Hot Press said “great use of dynamics coupled with explosive guitar sounds”.

A fourth collection of rarities has also been dusted off.

1995’s release “F&F” was recorded in Dublin’s Fuse studio by production whizz Marc Carolan who now does sound for some band called Muse!

Here Be MonstersHere Be Monsters played all over Ireland in the 90s and made it to the infamous Marquee Club in London for a memorable set. Since the band split in 1996 most of the band remained active in music. Barry Drennan (guitar, vocals) now runs a successful business, Graham Mackey (drums) moved to Toronto where he played drums in bands Hermans End, Thinkum, Canadian country star Lawnie Wallace and more. Paul Hickey (bass) played a stint in Dublin “cry-rock” band Omelette and still plays. Anthony Mackey (guitar) spent the last 20 years writing, recording and gigging with Large Mound, Like There’s No Tomorrow, Hot Colossus, a Solo Album and currently with his band The Middle Ages who released one single in 2016 and have an album in the works.

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