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No Age
Drowned in Sound‘s Shred Yr Face tour hits Whelan’s on October 17 with No Age, Times New Viking & Los Campesinos!

Drowned in Sound‘s Shred Yr Face tour hits Whelan’s on October 17th, with No Age, Times New Viking & Los Campesinos!

No Age
Spiritual heirs to both Thurston Moore’s wide-eyed experimentalism and the all-encompassing, stark DIY art-is-life aesthetic of the Crass collective, No Age is the kind of band that inspires its audience without affectation, without cynicism. Dean Spunt (drummer/vocalist) and Randy Randall’s (guitarist) live shows are an exploration of possibilities: a guitar laid over a resonating drum head, effect loops woven together like beautiful harmonies, pop songs as performance art, a duo that sounds like the gale force of rock history delivered through a wind tunnel: “It’s part of No Age’s allure that Nouns is so difficult to figure out, that it manages to be so big while coming from a place so small. All you’ll know for sure is that you want to listen longer. Maybe forever.” – Pitchfork, 9.5


Times New VikingTimes New Viking
Ohio’s six-legged shitgaze-scene field-leaders bust their way onto the bill with their senses-quaking pop-savvy noise. Responsible for this year’s Rip It Off LP, released by Matador, they’re much loved for their delightful dissonance, their enrapturing dramatics, and their killer choruses that dig themselves in deep and plague the consciousness. They’re like the itch you can’t quite reach to scratch: an immensely pleasurable irritation, of sorts. They’ve an EP, Stay Awake, prepped for October too



LosCampesinos.jpgLos Campesinos!
Already gearing up to release their second album in a single year – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed is coming your way via Wichita on October 13, and is the follow-up to February’s Hold On Now, Youngster. Seven-piece indie-pop phenomenon Los Campesinos! are at times heart-breaking, at others hip-shaking, and always superbly entertaining – the eloquent youths’ boisterous live reputation has seen them play more festivals than you’ve had hot suppers, and their headlining role on this tour is well deserved. Work yourselves out to the supports, but ensure there’s tread on your dancing shoes for the night-climaxing fireworks.

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DEAF 2008
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