Shock New Years Eve 2010: Ewan Pearson, Great Lakes Mystery, Diamond Dagger

Shock celebrate the New Year with a party in The Twisted Pepper. Catch Ewan Pearson, Great Lakes MysteryDiamond Dagger + more.

Ewan Pearson
2009 & 2010 saw something of a re-emergance as a producer for acts such as Delphic (Acolyte) & Tracy Thorn (Love & Its Opposite) as well as M83’s acclaimed Saturdays = Youth, but its Ewan’s abilities as DJ that make him practically a resident at Shock. Anyone who witnessed his previous shows will attest as to why Ewan is respected as among the best DJs out there. Pulling off flawless transitions sustained for long stretches. Layering textures and percussion in a matter that seems utterly organic.

In an era when every indie band & their cousins seeming to be jumping on the decks (& lets face it in most cases cheapening what a DJ should be) its refreshing to see someone who is an absolute master of the art reminding us that at the centre of every great night should be a great DJ.

Great lakes Mystery (Live)
Really looking forward to this show, GLM were picked by both Jape and The Redneck Manifesto as the support act for their tours in 2010. They site their influences as Caribou, John Carptenter and Goblin which should make for a good mix on the 31st. Dare we say it ‘one to watch for 2011.

Diamond Dagger (Live)
Formerly trading as SarsaparillaDiamond Dagger will be our first live act on the night. Raised in a small synth community in the green mountains of Wicklow. He soon found their small town ways oppressive and formed an escape plan with his then mentor, John Carpenter. These men promptly escaped into the Dublin underground, soon master Carpenter moved to the US, but Sarsparilla stayed in Ireland to forge his own distinctive synthesised soundscapes. Utilising the techniques master Carpenter had taught him and building upon them, he has crafted his own sound that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Full Lineup:

Ewan Pearson (Partial Arts/Kompact)
Great Lakes Mystery Live
Diamond Dagger Live (formerly Sarsparilla)
Jon Averill (Shock, London)
Mark Allton (Shock, Dublin)
Sol O’Carroll (Nightfight, Dublin)
Stanley Knives
Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey St. Dublin.
Doors 9pm. Admission €15

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