An Indiecater Christmas 2010

Indiecater Records have released their third annual Christmas Compendium, this year featuring contributors from Ireland, England, Sweden and the United States. “2010 has just been that kind of year so it’s hardly surprising that this year’s fairy lights don’t have the same exuberant glimmer of yesteryear. That doesn’t mean you won’t find much to savour in the 11 tracks, one or two may even have you throwing shredded tinsel in the air and grabbing a dancing relative whom you otherwise avoid for the other 11 months of the year. That’s why we love Christmas and that’s why we hope that somewhere in this collection of tunes you’ll find something to make it even more special.”

Track listing:

  • 1) Dolfish – I’m Proud Of You Joanna (Throwing Wood On The Fire in Columbus)
  • 2) Natalie Prass – No Better Time (Hanging Candy Canes On The Tree in Nashville)
  • 3) Paisley and Charlie – Snow Blitz (Warming Frostbitten Noses in Brighton)
  • 4) The Very Most – Christmas In July Comes Earlier Each Year (Feeling Slightly Queasy in Boise)
  • 5) Kate and After – Snow Angel (Eyes all Aglow in Götenborg)
  • 6) Boca Chica – Not On Christmas Eve (Dressing Up Like Eskimos in Pittsburgh)
  • 7) Alli Millstein – White White Christmas (All Out Of Cranberry in New York)
  • 8) Adam and Darcie – River (Watching Willy Wonka Again in Provo)
  • 9) Standard Fare – A Flicker Of Snow (Sweeping Snow From The Doorway in Sheffield)
  • 10) The Gorgeous Colours – Hurry Up Children Santa’s Coming (Cheating At Monopoly in Dublin)
  • 11) Royal Forest – Sweat Shoppe Hands (Licking Giant Plastic Icicles in Austin)

You can stream it in full over on the Indiecater site, or it’s yours to own (digitally) for a festive €5.

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