Directorsound Irish Tour

Directorsound is to play a short Irish tour in support of his new EP "Leaving The Moors" on Rusted Rail.

Dorset’s Directorsound, aka Nick Palmer, is to play a short Irish tour this month in support of his new EP "Leaving The Moors" on Rusted Rail .

Hailing from Dorset, England, Nick Palmer is Directorsound. His debut album “Redemptive Strikes” was released in 2003 on the Pastels-run Geographic imprint of Domino Records. A collection of earlier recordings entitled “Tales from the Tightrope Vol.1” was then released by the Dorset Paeans label, and subsequently re-issued by Powershovel audio in Japan. Nick also records with Plinth, The Rural Tradition, Hideki Kaji and Katrina Mitchell and is half of The A Lords with Mike Tanner of Plinth who will be joining Nick on the Directorsound “Leaving the Moors” October Irish Tour to celebrate the release of an EP of the same name on the Irish-based record label Rusted Rail.

Sunday 21st October:  Dublin – Lazybird, Anseo. With Agitated Radio Pilot
Tuesday 23rd October:  Galway – 5pm Bell, Book & Candle (Free short show)
Tuesday 23rd October:  Galway – 9pm Roisin Dubh (Upstairs) with Mirakil Whip (Unplugged)


Redemptive Strikes
Redemptive Strikes is the debut album from multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Palmer aka Directorsound. Holed up in his Dorset village, Directorsound has been carefully melding together a masterpiece of delicate piano and acoustic pieces that flow like a gentle, anarchic stream of consciousness. The gentle reflective tone is only broken by sudden outbreaks of furious triumph, as the one-man ensemble seems to go to war with itself. There’s a loose connection here with Geographic label-mates like International Airport, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Bill Wells, but make no mistake this is highly original stuff – the result of Nick battling against, and revelling in the limitations of his equipment and somehow making beautiful music out of nothing.

"Tales From The Tightrope Vol.1"
(Powershovel Audio)
A dusty, creaky sound full of melancholic minor keys made by classical guitars, pianos, accordions, mandolins and a sparse drum kit is the introduction to this gorgeous album from Directorsound. What sounds like a quartet sitting in a warm room playing these late night paeans to real emotions is in fact the work of one man -Nick Palmer, a literary student who hails from Dorset in the UK. Evoking the sounds of obvious parallels including Ennio Morricone’s quieter moments, Ry Cooder’s Paris Texas soundtrack and Calexico circa their Black Light album, Palmer began recording in 2001 on a borrowed quarter inch reel to reel machine at the age of 22. Remarkable really, considering the maturity and resonance he evokes within these 14 instrumental works. Nothing is overplayed and repeated listens reveal quiet counter melodies and field recordings floating away in the murky background of several of the tunes. The way Palmer is able to bring out such strong emotions via his simple craft and head for minor key melodies make this a nostalgic listen, transporting us to an imagined past, perhaps a 1950’s black and white romance film set in the Mediterranean. This is intimate music at its finest. –

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