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My daughter had a load of CT scans and blood tests a few weeks ago and there were a few things that showed up. Next step is bone marrow biopsy, which was scheduled for next week.
On Friday we had 3 letters in the post that came together, first one cancelling that appointment, next rescheduling it and a third one cancelling that one too. No letters since and no one is answering the phone there either.
Blanch hospital is still better than Limerick Regional, but not by much.
They won't tell you anything on the day. It'll go through either your doctor or the hospital.
Good luck with it.
If it’s something serious and time-sensitive (as in, any minute now there could be a problem like a potential stroke), it should be spotted by the radiographer and flagged.
was talking to one of the lads down the pub about it on Wed and he says "if anything weird like that happens to me I just think 'must be all the drugs I've taken'" ... so maybe my problem is I haven't taken enough drugs?

My extant friends who are heavy drug users are all the strongest people I know.
So putting the cart before the horse there or something. As in, They've taken a lot of drugs because they can handle it, while the rest of us hit a point where it's too much and then calm down on this or that. I hit that point with drugs years ago, but I don't truly feel I have with booze and fags. Getting there though.

It'll all get you in the end though.

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