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I never even heard of these things

I'm getting very nervous that my general decent health has not prepared me for the hellscape of old age

Get well soon, Egg
In A&E because of weird visual disturbances. They're keeping me in to keep an eye on me untill they can do an MRI

Hopefully just a migraine, though getting your first (painless) migraine at 52 would be pretty unusual. Bit scary

Oh no, that's how my MS started. Have that done a CT?
Oh god this is all to familiar. Hope it's nothing.
FWIW my journey was
Bloods, Vitals checked - CT - Hospital admission - Lumber puncture (spinal tap) - MRI - another MRI - Discharge
Months later: hospital apt with consultant "you have MS" - Blood test to determine meds - Steroids - Meds

Crossing everything for you @egg_
Dammit, I came back on here to delete that post. I was mean.
Not at all man! Whatever's wrong with me is wrong me, you haven't cast a spell :p Maybe it's all in my head

Some A&E adventures from last night:

While I was waiting
* some drunk lad tried to rob my bag
* chatted to a lad who was in with a suspected broken jaw from an MMA bout
* chatted to a Lithuanian woman whose ex had tried to strangle her
* drunk lad and Lithuanian woman kept disappearing outside - no sign of him sobering up, and she got louder and louder, so I suspect they were sharing some booze
* Lithuanian woman started playing ZZ Top full belt on her phone

When I was admitted
* some poor older woman was shouting "OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?" over and over
* the nurses were trying to get a lad to stay in his bed ... "Francis! What are you doing?" "mumble mumble exercise mumble mumble" "Francis! You have a broken leg! Stay in the bed!" "OWWW OWWWW"
@egg_ are you still in A&E or have you gotten a bed yet?
Hopefully it’s a quieter night.

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