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Oct 11, 2009
The Chrome Peeler Rec. distro is located @ Merch from Chrome Peeler Records

CARL - “Moon Pools and Petroleum Play” CD
Free jazz/drone/doom metal based out of Houston, TX. Minimal drum and cymbal thwacks shoot out of the bleak. Long-tone baritone sax musings move into upper register, last-day-on-Earth note clusters. And just-totally-wrecked electric bass and effects land somewhere beneath lo-fi and maybe, just maybe, barely above no-fi.

CITY OF INDUSTRY “Spiritual West” CD
A wracked, intense take on metallic hardcore, laced with morose melodies, drenched in Pacific Northwest rain. 12 brutally aggravated tracks create a destructive and near-apocalyptic sense of bleakness that acts as a distress signal against the declining state of our decaying, urbanized world. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven/Gulch)
RIYL: Converge, Show Me The Body

Intense, dense and active saxophone/bass clarinet/drums improvisation. Deliberate exploration and co-creation, the interaction between the players is impeccable. Abundantly marked by sharp dynamic-expressive contrasts, transparent sound textures, and a wealth of unusual expressive techniques. Exploratory, adventurous music at its best.

Triple saxophone jazz improvisations that covers the whole range of the family, from bass to sopranino. A series of kaleidoscopic sonic dances and crashes that start off dark and mellow and raise up to hyper-skronk annihilation. The sound-play is both oddly discombobulated yet holds together. While complex, the music created is not intimidating or overpowering—just absorbing -and more importantly, penetrating. The saxophones are used to forge sounds. Like a Rauschenberg silkscreen, these disparate sounds are patchworked together, but not haphazardly. Instead, the pieces speak to a formal aesthetic while retaining the spontaneous nature of improvisation.

GRACKLER “A Raised Nail In The Floorboard” CD
A bleak sprawling soundscape of echoing metallic clang, vast Lustmord-like black ambience, deep cavernous drones, flecked with vague percussive sounds and an abstract rhythmic quality that makes this sound like glacial krautrock, super slow and syrupy and stretched out over a dark propulsive backdrop of metallic throb and chug that almost sounds like the looped bellow of a train, surrounded by strange rattling sounds, churning sheets of industrial noise and distorted radio transmissions.

Caustic and trashed out electronic warfare, digitally manipulated into a hallucinatory noise spiral of sound. Explosions and electrocuted video game shrieks, drum'n'bass-influenced noise blasts and more. This shit is so nuts, so freaked-out sounding, it's like an obsessively constructed collage of Dadist electronic noise, digital hardcore and Hanatarash.

LACING “Without” CD
Dreamy, heavy shoegaze with dramatic post-rock swells and nuanced noisy outbursts. Ethereal vocals compliment the icy clean guitar lines in a series of swirling waves before the storm of dark hooks and trembling discord. Their thick, grungy underbelly is fueled by an arsenal of effects pedals, with a strong melodic core beneath it all. "Without" is their most compelling effort to date, a dynamic display of fuzz and beauty, stitched together with several hallucinatory interludes. FFO: Swervedriver, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Hum, Nothing

NURSER – “s/t” CD
Tight, feedback-heavy blasts of discordant deathgrind stained with blackened viciousness results in the sonic equivalent to a mental breakdown with nauseating tempos, frenzied riffing and a dual vocal assault that will leave you devoid of any hope for a better future. Limited to 100 copies.
RIYL: Pig Destroyer, Vermin Womb, Wormrot

RUN FOR OMNIPHOBIA "Assembly Bill-109" CD
Experimental noise from E.J. Vodka (FINAL SOLUTION / +DOG+) and Jay Howard (BACTERIAL CULT / WIRE WEREWOLVES). Perfect for listening at a local mall or gaming casino.

SPINTRIA "Bacchanalia" CD
A wild, disorienting array of guitar, piano, drums and saxophone assaults the listener from every direction, coming at them in wave after wave of frantic energy. Churning, dissonant, and freewheeling, ‘Bacchanalia’ is an attempt to viscerally conjure the wildest moments of ancient Roman frenzy. If you enjoy free jazz and improvisation as much as you like your droning, Neptunian Maximilian-like menace then get on this wild ride and leave your ego behind. RIYL: Last Exit, The Flying Luttenbachers, Painkiller

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