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Can your phone charger reach a socket from your bed?
It can. I actually recorded some of the snores last night - one fella has something wrong with his voice and his snores sounded like a cross between a moaning child and a tiny trumpet. After each one another guy in the room would mutter "dear Jesus"
V long queue for MRIs, so referred me to a private clinic and sent me home. Relieved to be out, but won't really be able relax until I get the scan results
Glad you're out

Not to pry, but do you have VHI and all that or are you at the mercy of the state?
Glad you’re out, maybe a good night sleep before the scan might be better for the tests.
It’s the Latin for seahorse, when you remove the human hippocampus it looks remarkably similar:
View attachment 18808

It has a number of regions like the dentate gyrus and CA1, CA2, and CA3. (CA standing for Cornu Ammonis…)
Yeah - I looked it up on wiki after you mentioned it earlier. Was hoping it was funnier part of the body than the brain.

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