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Weezer and the Smashing Pumpkins on Saturday night in London. Both for the first time which is ridiculous given how long I've been listening to them and the amount of gigs I go to.

Weezer brought the hits. Twenty songs crammed into their slot. Sign me up for the Blue album in full tour next year even though they played most of it here.

I enjoyed Smashing Pumpkins but I think a combination of lack of atmosphere (even though I was standing and not far from the front) plus setlist pacing meant it could've been a lot better.
I'd have gone to the London show had I known.
Never been there as a punter, apparently as an O2 customer I get some perks or something. But on the other hand it's been years since I've seen a show with more than a couple of hundred people.
Just out from Weezer and Pumpkins. Weezer were big with the crowd but I couldn’t wait for them to finish. Jesus Christ it was twee. I thought it was just a bad night when I saw them in Vicar St years ago but it turns out I just don’t like Weezer.

Pumpkins were deadly. Some of the new songs were much better live, some were still a bit shit. All the hits were scorchio. I’d rank it second out of the three times I’ve seen them.
Weezer and the Pumpkins. I'm the opposite to Cornu. My night was all about weezer. They were greatEven though it was billed as a double header it felt like a support slot. Minimal production, minimal chat, just power through the tunes. It's always sad to have to hear Beverly Hills and Island In The Sun but they packed the set with a good spread of songs. Could have played another song instead of the 3 guitar noodles (Fururescope, the outro to Run Raven Run and Only In Dreams). One would have been plenty, could have played Run Raven Run in full. We had introvert Rivers again last night, much like at Vicar St.

Pumpkins on the other hand... We left during the DRUM SOLO in the THIRD SONG which was a U2 COVER!

I admit I struggle with not liking SP for the very reason I like Weezer. That being that they forge ahead and keep making music and doing what ever the hell they want to. You all know I love the SZNZ albums.
I lost interest in the Pumpkins after Mellon Collie and only like the first 3 albums the same way a lot of people ditched Weezer after Pinkerton and will say they only have 2 good records despite never hearing anything else. Have I heard anything after Mellon Collie? no. Do I presume it's all rubbish? yes.

Plus I hated that there was 6 or 7 people onstage, it's all a bit GNR.
I had a lot of the same feelings when I saw the big band and the drum solo was pants. It was all good from there on, they might have been waiting on you to leave before letting rip.

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