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  • oh dear, I really wish i'd paid attention to them after 2001 now. Fairly safe to say it's all my fault
    Hey man, yeah the arcade house of the dead machines are great! Played on edown in Galway recently and could have spent all day on it. The new game is good apart from the glitching. I got it loads but others barely got any. I dunno why that'd happen! Worth checking out anyway. Gonna pick up Street Fighter 4 today as a preezzie for Laura. She's mad after that game!
    we have a curfew of 10:30 so if we are gone you should be able to pick one up in Road Recs on Saturday afternoon!hope you are well Darren. Haven't seen you in ages!!
    re :EP ticket,according to your location your located in dublin. not gonna be down in cork in the next week or so per chance?
    weirdly enough I noticed that you had the same purple converse as me the other week!I've got a million pairs..I'm not buying anymore till I go away though..Then I'm buying a kajillion pairs!Oh and smash brothers on 27th!!YAY!!!!!!!!
    fun fact, did you know theres a ticketmaster in cabinteely? how random. had to ask some whacker about melt banana ticketsand theyre not even doing them!!! wii will be purchased this weekend. i'll send ya my code asap - prepare for mario kart death matches...
    sounds like fun. will report back on low. wrestling knowledge is coming in extremely useful at work for getting the kids to talk. "ok we can talk more about triple h AFTER the assessment"
    thats shite about the wrestling. have to get my tickets for those gigs tomorrow...and built to spill, even though its ages away, cant wait! prob see ya at low/dan deacon then :)
    oh yr so lucky..I wish I was only watching it for the first time. If yr still hooked by the time yr finished season 3 and I'll hook ya up with 4 onwards!
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