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    Favorite Star Trek TNG Baddies

    I don't think I ever watched all of season 1 when I was younger so decided to watch a few random episodes recently which included Conspiracy. Fucking hell. I did not expect the episode to turn out like it did.
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    A Simple Favour on Netflix starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. You'll find it filed under thriller as well as comedy. It's really silly and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely a comedy.
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    Irish Times Best 50 Irish albums of all time

    I mentioned the twentieth anniversary of The Big Romance coming up to someone the other day and they replied with "God next year will the twentieth anniversary of loads of mediocre Irish albums won't it?" :cry: Nineteen year old me would be fierce upset by this list but now I'll just bookmark...
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Hamilton (on Disney+). It's deadly. I'd seen the show and listened to the soundtrack a bit. In some ways I think it would almost benefit from being watched in two sittings as it's long and there's so much going on. I can see myself happily watching it every year or so. Would definitely recommend...
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    I'm going to buy a record player...................

    I ended up buying the Monitor Audio Bronze 2s as plugged by Dudley and pairing them with a Denon PMA-600NE which is a fairly new amp with an inbuilt phono stage Bluetooth. I just kept the really old Sony CD player which works perfectly. The whole setup sounds great even without splashing out a...
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    Minor Pleasures

    Three months into working from home and I just cleared all the work shirts out of my wardrobe and shoved them well out of sight.
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    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    A restored version of Hoop Dreams went up on Mubi recently.
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    Your work situation

    Conducting interviews via Skype three days in a row (and having to put on a shirt!). One of them said "I have a genuine passion for procurement" 😂
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    I'm going to buy a record player...................

    Has anyone invested a bit in speaker cable and decided that either it makes a genuine difference even on what would be called a budget set-up or the whole cable debate is mostly nonsense? I've got a new amp and a pair of the Monitor Bronze 2s on the way and have some cable which I assume is...
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    I'm going to buy a record player...................

    I'm totally ready to spend £500 on a setup under the misguided assumption it'll make me (a) listen to and (b) appreciate music a bit more. My current set-up is ancient (don't laugh nerds plz) - Aural Envelope ex300 speakers with a Pioneer A-107 amp, Sony CD player, Rega RP1 (that bit can stay!)...
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    Talking about Planxty Planxty

    After The Break and The Woman I Loved So Well have been remastered and are on streaming services now (as well as on cd). Good luck trying to find any info on the remastering process though and it just appears to be cd and streaming released by Tara Music. A new off-shoot of the old Tara with the...
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    What you been listening to this week?

    Smithfield was my first one too. Good craic queuing from 7.30am and all that. A friend of a friend had a go at Dave Fanning in the afternoon (he was wandering around interviewing Mark Greaney) about asking JDB in a tv interview 'Is Richey dead?'. Went off to Wales with two people I had met on...
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    What you been listening to this week?

    I don't think I've read that interview. I'm going to have to ask someone on a fan forum to dig it out seeing as it concerns my two great loves in life. Definitely gonna give KYE a spin today. Looking at it turns out I was at the one and only gig they ever played Intravenous Agnostic...
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    Minor Pleasures

    I bought a pair of wireless earbuds for the first time so now I can cook and clean with some high quality sounds in my ears without lugging my phone around in my pocket.
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    This Sub-Forum is admirably quiet.

    Good summary from The Guardian a few days ago: Let us be clear at this point. No spin or vested interests. Here is the dialogue that led us to this point. First principle: it is obvious no one in England should play professional football this summer. There isn’t time to play the games. It’s not...