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Feb 5, 2003
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Did this for another board,may as well use it here too. (Go on,you know you all want to)

99% of my stuff. I have another cab,a few pedals and another JMP not pictured.

Guitars,from right to left.

Gordon Smith SG,my main guitar and only guitar I ever bought new(£325 in a sale,maybe15 years ago). Used it in every band I've ever played in and have no desire to ever replace it.

Gordon Smith GS1,my first guitar,paid £150 for it and was the best value I ever got in a guitar. Started my love affair with Gordon Smith's. Needs a slight refret but it's not really a problem. Have been asked to sell it to so many people,it's also been loaned out numerous times.

Gibson L6S,paid £150 for this knowing it needed work on the electrics,it still needs work on the electrics. Sounds good when it works but the neck is a little narrow for me.

Fender Highway One Strat. Always wanted a strat (Rory,Fast Eddie,Larry Wallis etc) but never played one I liked. Had some money and saw this one with a Hot Rails pick up fitted in the bridge for £300 or so. took a chance on it. Took me a while to adjust to it but it plays nice.

Gordon Smith G60 slimline. Needs the bridge replaced as I break strings on it. Slim body but feels weighty without being heavy(?). Third in line of my Gordon Smiths. (paid £250 for it)


Marshall JMP 100W('72). Best amp ever,sounds like me and it's LOUD. First amp I ever bought and I know it's sound inside out. Wish I had the money to buy another,as I have another that needs an output transformer replaced. I'd definately get by with this and the SG. Got this and a 4x12 for £250,but that was 20 years ago

Unkown cab I paid £75 for. Sounds great,that';s all I need to know.

Selmer 50w Treble'n'Bass. Great little valve amp that sounds kinda Voxy I think. Had been using for when I play gigs when the amps are mic'd but it started getting a little inconsistent. Traded a splash cymbal I was given for it.

Fender Mustang II. A modelling amp. Just bought this recently to play at home. And it really sounds great at low volumes. Two kids in the house means I haveto really keep it down so I knew a valve amp would be too loud. Figured I may as well go all the way the opposite direction of what I usually use. It's definately entertaining to play around with the different sounds available,and the options are crazywhen hooked up to a computer.

Tons of pedals,but the only ones I use,are the tuner,and BossDS1

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
Internment Explorer sp3
acoustic rig (2009 - present)

EROS 406 - essentially an EKO parlour model, from the pre-EKO branding 1969-71 period. odd setup for an acoustic (bolt on neck, adjustable bridge height) has been re-fretted. Standard tuning guitar for live shows with dean markley 6 pot for a pickup.

Crafter 550EQ - EADBEE tuning guitar for doing 'yellowback' material live (also the only guitar used on that album). The tuning goes so far in pitch that the neck changes shape so much in the retune that you have to tune all 6 strings from scratch and its not good for the neck i'd imagine. This is also my 'throw under a bus/ teaching guitar' - i love it but i know i can pick up an identical one tomorrow that will play the same.

recording and 2012 band shows rig:

Hondo delux 935. This is a loaner from a friend for a few months, but it seems to be perfect to bridge between the acoustic and electric songs. I love it and want to buy it.

Sheffield strat - bought in loughrea for 104 punts when i was a teen. If i have to give the hondo back i'll use this. Could do with higher gain pickups, plays amazingly.

standard VHT special 6 head.

Custom speaker cab (40w bass speaker), made from an upcycled rockwood bass amp.


In order of signal path:

tuner -> line 6 fm 4 -> white big muff (moose) -> chorus -> delay -> SHO -> dod 250 (moose)

Bass Rig.

Ernie Ball 2eq musicman stingray.

carlsbro cobra 90 amp -if i have to use an amp, i use this as its all i have. those are not my eq settings. much prefer to just D.I. and leave the eq to the soundman these days then lugging 4 stone of wood and steel around.

The pedal is a dod fx 57 and boss tr2 in one enclosure, for solos and stuff. the expression pedal controls the rate of the tremelo.


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Nov 1, 2002
this is my collection, not really my rig..that would just be the Gretsch and the Fender

Left to right(back row)

Atrisan steel string acoustic.
This was a present, but it was about 60 in a cash converters in Derry. Lovely guitar but I find the neck too narrow fro finger-picking so mainly use it for slide.

Harley Benton 5-string blues-grass banjo

A fairly cheap day I'll learn to play it properly. I can play a few tunes but am no where near where I want to be with it. Can't decide if I want to play 3 finger or clawhammer style

Concertor classical
My missus' guitar that has become mine. I use this everyday.

Gretsch 6120- Reverend Horton Heat signature model
My main guitar. Just a great instrument and so good looking. Cost about 1500 but I also got stung for 500 tax at customs

Thomann 3/4 double bass
Got this off a friend. I got it fixed up by an award winning violin and cello maker and he almost wept at the awful quality of the thing. He spent hours trying to get it right. He was so upset that I gave him a few extra quid out of guilt. I put gut strings on it which was a mistake as it's virtually impossible to get a note out of it. Have to restring it one of these days.

Peavey Rockingham
Designed by Darel Higham. I bought this because it was cheap, and someone had installed two P90s in it. It's very different to the Gretsch but a very good guitar. I really like the fatter body. I put the Bigsby on it myself butt hey usually come with one already attached. This was about 250 quid.

Gibson Marauder
I found this in a skip. I bought a replica flying V neck to try and get it back to its original look. Major tuning and intonation issues but it plays fairly well. Getting it seen to by another guitar repair guy this week.

In the late 80s Kerrang used to advertise these all the time. For a low price you got the Korean made guitar, a horrible clear plastic carrying bag, a tiny amp that ran on a 9v battery, an instruction book and a lead, a strap and a pick. It's fairly terrible but I haven't the heart to get rid of it. I decorated with stickers and panels from comics.

Squire Stratocaster
A present from Argos. Basic model , does the job. I played this for years and it's with this one that I finally learned how to play to any standard.

Satellite Les Paul copy
A present form a charity shop. Soudns really good but has some electric and tuning problems. Could do with a good service.

Washburm HB 30
Got this on sale in Capel Street for e199. This was the guitar that really got me into rockabilly and country playing. For the price it's a really good guitar and I still use it as a back up.

Front row l-r
Mahalo Ukulele. Another present. Great fun to play. And hip as fuck.

SX Lapsteel
Yet another present. I still haven't learned to play this. I can get a basic tune out of it but need to really sit down and work it out.

Ten quid in a charity shop. Fun to mess around with but I haven't really made the effort to learn it properly. Maybe when i grow a beard and start listening to trad


L- Fender Blues Deville
Great amp. The one I use regularly. Always get people complimenting how good it sounds. Haven't had a probelm with it so far.

Peavey Classic Tweed 30
Great little amp but not as loud as the fender. Might sell this on.


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Nov 1, 2002
I wouldn't know Eoghan, I just got lucky with the Washburn. I'd say do a bit of research online and try and play before you pay if possible

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
Internment Explorer sp3

back row:

stentor contrabass. play it a good bit, also goes on tour with witha few bands i know so i like to keep it around.

sevilla parlour guitar - car boot sale. its in line to be made into a lap steel when th pickup in E-ROS becomes available.

yamaha 505 electric organ. has a 12 inch speaker and amazing tones for what it is. its the only organ on new country.

electric fan organ. used this a lot on the first album, car boot sale again.

midi controller keyboard - a recent gift from some people i helped out. have been using it on the new record a bit.

alesis e-drums.

generic casio pcm type keyboard. did a lot of the red album organs and sfx on this.

carslbro cobra 90, fender roc pro 700, vht special 6 and in the corner a peavey studiomaster 112 housed in DIY head. lovely spring reverb in an otherwise metally amp.

middle row.

small nylon string i bought for a student, but its mine for this week.

country man bouzouki, currently in mid repair (truss rod and action setup)

sheffield strat.

hondo 935

fender musicmaster bass. my first bass, amazing instrument but a relative mislaid the bridge so untill i get genuine fender bits for it, its a plank.

tiesco del rey. another EADBEE guitar, really works with the tuning.

fender mexican jazz bass. main gigging bass untill it wrecked my spine, still does recordings.

crafter 550eq

stentor (romanian, same company as the contrabass) nylon string. have this a long time, good writing guitar and can hold a tuning for a months on end.

musicman stingray 2 eq.

e-ros 406.

front row: casio sa-10/20 (i have both models but not enough floor space). used this and the other little battery organ a lot for the summer of tourettes.

Could do another one of recording and p.a. gear aswell but thats enough for one day.

mel gibson

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Jan 15, 2006

ES-135 just got the new Bigsby for it,and am waiting to have the cash to buy some real P-90's for it as the noiseless P-100's in it are pretty bland
it plays great though...

Fender Telesonic

refinished Jap Jag

US ash tele (now has a humbucker in the neck) this was my main guitar for years

SG with Bigsby and Bareknuckle pickups (they sound great)

Dano U1,cheap as fuck but I love this thing!

this is a Lindert locomotive a bizarre dano-tele steampunk hybrid thing,currently has a highway 1 neck on it

US Coppercaster (52'ri in copper-only made for a few years so kinda rare)

Squier Tele that I modded the fuck out of,tremking trem and Novak pickups

Martin 000-15 and Gibson WM-45

Japanese '62 Strat re-issue with bareknuckles,I'm not much of a Strat fan but this is a good one!

Japanese Mustang bass that I got from Jimi's,I'm playing more bass than anything lately and this one is really comfortable to play as I'm only a wee lad!

Orange AD30,I fucking adore this amp! unfortunately I set it on fire at practice a while back,gotta get it out to Aladdin's amps when I have the funds!

late 60's Vox cab

the gaff amp!

Gretsch & Copicat

pretty much the current pedalboard,except I've added Mark's old Super chili Picasso,the loop junk is now's Marks,and his EHX 16 sec delay is mine!

Space Echo:hours of fun!!

it's more modern cousin


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Nov 1, 2002
I need to add a danelectro to the pile

and a space echo

and a telecaster

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