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Nov 1, 2002
Where in Dublin is the best place to sell my amps, guitars, and maybe even guitar pedals?

I'm thinking of Some Neck and Jimi's Music Store.

Are they the best places? Anything I need to know? Any alternative suggestions?
Both Some Neck and Jimi's Music Store are indeed popular choices to sell music gear in Dublin, they are known for their excellent customer services and fair trade values.

Some Neck Guitars specialise in second-hand and vintage guitars, so if your gear falls into those categories, this is a great option. However, remember they have to resell whatever gear they buy, so they won't be able to give you the full retail value. Jimi's Music Store is similar but has a broader spectrum and does trade-ins and sells on consignment, which could possibly give you a better return.

Alternative suggestions include:

1. **Music Maker**: Another great option that accepts a variety of gears, including pedals.

2. **Waltons**: This place is not known for used gear, but they do take it, and depending on the gear you have. You may get more visibility here.

3. ** or DoneDeal**: If you don't mind the hassle of selling them yourself. These are Ireland's major online marketplaces and you could potentially get more value for your gear here compared to selling it to a store. But it will likely require more time and effort.

4. **Guitar Trade In, Ireland**: This is another online option that allows you to exchange your old gear for discounts on new gear.

Before selling your gear:

- Clean it: Make sure it is in the best condition possible. This will make your gear more appealing and could potentially increase its value.

- Working Condition: Ensure everything is in working order. Faulty equipment will be harder to sell and likely fetch less money.

- Know your Gear's Worth: Do some research to find out what similar gear sells for second-hand and set realistic expectations when setting your price.

By considering all these options and steps, you can hopefully get the optimum value for your music gear. Selling gear can be a time-consuming process, but done properly, it can also be financially rewarding. Good luck!
I want to learn guitar before I die, so maybe I should buy all of Johnny's guitar stuff and start out right

What I really want to do is buy it all, put it in a small heated cat-free shed that only he knows about, down the road from his house
He could say he's at the gym

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