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Nov 8, 2004
I'm currently living in Washington DC. Well, that's not true, DC is small enough, but I'm living on the Dart line that goes to DC, probably at around Booterstown. I dunno if this skews my reality (well, it does; I don't know how much it does let's say).

But I think I'm watching the US President getting in a bit of trouble. And, I'm thinking that this is a fairly major event that's unfolding, no? Like people banged on about Nixon for years, they banged on about what a crim Kissinger is for a fair while, I remember people having a solid moan about Bill Clinton getting some solid moany action. But this whole thing might be bigger than all of this. Special Needs Donald appears to be properly caught at this point, he appears to be absolutely fucked.

I'm a coder gimp, I spend basically all of my time on a terminal, in a government building in Trumpistan. I don't get out much. But is this a big deal in Ireland? (obviously the only thing that matters). The people I work with are loath to even mention it. We don't really talk about it other than very oblique references. Like are people in Ireland going "yah, that gobshite is up to his old gobshite ways. This food needs salt." Is everyone just battle hardened from the chronic shite talking that come out of America, and just ignoring everything now? Or are people thinking "huh, this is kind of a big deal".

The US President (let's be honest here, I'm basically a yank at this point so *my* President) is an out and out crim, who's been caught. Are we living in a historical moment now? Are kids going to be asking us when we're even older than we are now which is pushing it, here, what was going on with Trumpism?

Or is talking shit the new reality. Everything from now on is flavours (flavors!) of shitetalking, keep the elbows in and the head down and press on.

Or are people just thinking Priti Patel is a dickhead and leaving it at that.
I’ll pay attention when something actually happens to the prick

Fair enough. We've been edging for a while.

I dunno, I felt like something has changed in the last few days, but that's fair. Nothing's actually happened yet.
I'm glued to the craziness of this since the election campaign. I would LOVE to see him get his comeuppance....but the fucker seems to get away with everything. I live in hope.
I've been reading TRUMP ABOUT TO BE IMPEACHED since about a nanosecond after he was inaugurated. Did something actually happen this time?

Yeah,I've been baffled,thinking I missed something big,but it seems nothing more than usual Trump shenanigans.
What specific crime has he been caught for by the way, talking to Russians during a cold war or something? I've purposely not followed the ins and outs of the Mueller stuff for as long as its been going on.
I listen to the Blabbermouth podcast where T***p get a lot of going over. it's interesting that they say he does something impeachable every day.
Likewise. /r/politics (I know, okay) has had 20 articles a day saying he's been done for 2 years. The evidence in front of our eyes shows he can question the US Intelligence Agencies over foreign Governments, threaten nuclear war over twitter, and generally be a big racist thicko, and the Republican's don't give a shit. Fingers crossed though. Hopefully his rotten family go down with him. It won't fix their problems over there, but it would be something fun for a while in this world of misery.
Yeah... I agree Phil. I think the net is starting to close in. Mueller, as you'd hope, has to be water-tight so he's covering all bases - that's why this is taking a long time.
I find it hard to be hopeful that the man who ran the largest illegal wiretapping program in the history of mankind will be the one who will bring Donald Trump to any kind of justice.
Lying about Russians and porn actresses and possibly playing dirty tricks on crooked Hillary are definitely the worst, most deserving of impeachment and/or criminal charges things that any US president has done since the Lewinsky scandal.
I suppose I'm mainly interested in what's going on in people's heads away from here. Not necessarily any one event.

It seems to me that for instance with the Brexit stuff Ireland is staying fairly removed and watching England screw things up quite badly, saying things here and there but waiting for the axe to fall pretty much.

And maybe that's the same with what's going on here: tired of listening to the bullshit, waiting for an outcome. Mostly this is what I'm seeing above.

I have this feeling that the situation right now is different and something historic is going on, an actual big deal as opposed to blow jobs and break-ins.
Like this point is the dividing point, either the US (continues) to irretrievably fall into a kleptocracy run by autocrats, or it takes a significant step back. That we're just on the edge of a historic point.

Whether or not you think the US is a haven and breeding ground of spoilt racist cunts or the land of the free or something in between; it does matter.

And that now the place will change fundamentally, either it doesn't prosecute a criminal leadership and the pretense of not being a kleptocracy carries on full gas, or it does. Like, can they half measure it? Can they pull an Obama and say let's just make a compromise here and pretend things are fine?
I feel like they can't, that this is different. But I'm not in a good position to be able to tell.

I think most of you don't, so I'll relax about it maybe.

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