SKoA need a singer and some musicians.

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Apr 19, 2006
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Some Kind of Abstraction need a bass player, lead guitarist and singer.

We're 28-33 years old (Rob and Aaron, Irish, Susan, German) but if you're a youngster or older, don't be shy.

We're in the middle of recording 4 songs (with a guest vocalist, below, they're about 70% done) which you can hear below. We have a stack of other songs ready to go also, and although we're basically an indie-guitar band, we incorporate bits of everything and try and make the songs sound as interesting as possible (although these 4 are fairly straightforward as they're the most commercial we felt). We have a saxohphone player and she's awesome.
We also have a practice room on Dame Court in the city centre and we've been going for 5 months now.

We're looking for people who are committed to being in a band, I prefer passion over amazing technical ability any day. If you're interested at all or have any questions, please contact me.



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