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I'll start with imbibe coffee. They produce amazing specialist coffee from a roastery in Dolphin's barn, they donate 1% of company turnover to women's aid, and paid for bridges to be built in one of the towns they source coffee from.

Most of their trade is wholesale to Dublin cafe's and restaurants, but that's obviously dried up. So with an excess of stock, they're now expanding a delivery service to you and me. I'll cut and paste the details below, and they're not cheap, but the coffee is spectacular, and the people behind it even more spectacular.


Hi all,

Hard to know what to say beyond I hope you're all keeping safe and well. We had closed our webshop as we had no idea if couriers would still be delivering. They've updated us to say they still are and will use a contactless delivery service so we'll be roasting some single origins tomorrow.

This will be a Coffee Club like no other, given the circumstances. Obviously pretty much all of our customers have now closed, which is probably why we've had a lot of inquiries by email looking for kilo bags, so that will be an option. We're trying to keep the show on the road here

There are a number of coffees on offer; Two Colombian, a Rwandan and Kaleidoscope. All are super coffees, but the Colombian (La Promesa) is, in the opinion of all at the roastery, outstanding. We cupped it alongside some Colombian gesha coffees and it stood out. We've roasted it once already and feedback from baristas was superb with many saying it was the best Colombian coffee they'd ever tasted. It's competition standard. I'll stop going on about it now...

Colombia La Promesa (Natural)
Varietal: Castillo, Tabi, Cenecafe 1
Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Pomegranate, Goji berries

250g €15
500g €28
1 kilo €52

Rwanda Dukundekawa Musasa (Natural)

Varietal: Red Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Plum, Galaxy chocolate

250g €13
500g €24
1 kilo €42

Colombia El Puente (Organic) Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Altitude: 1650-2100 MASL
Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Cocoa, Fudge

250g €11
500g €20
1 Kilo €36

Kaleidoscope (Organic blend)
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus Fruits

250g €9.25
500g €17.50
1 kilo €34

As I'm a technophobe with no ability to update our site we're going to "old school" this in terms of payments.

Mail your order, along with your Eircode and phone number to [email protected] and we'll send you a payment link. Once we've received payment you go on the list.

All orders above €20 are delivered free, with orders under €20 incurring a €3.50 delivery charge.

We very much appreciate your support at this time.

Best regards,

Gary, Vincent, Aidan, Paul & Monika at Imbibe Coffee Roasters
Our local fancy cake shop is still open and stocks their coffee so I'll get mine there but good to know they are delivering.

Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar - taking orders over the phone. Very helpful. If you need a book fix get 'em here rather than feeding the Amazon monster.

Cloney Audio - I needed a new needle for my turntable as it's started slippin' and slidin'. A catastrophic situation in a lockdown - as I'm sure you'll agree. Rang 'em up. Paid by card. It's in the post.
I have a spare unused reusable metal one if you want it, PM me your address and I’ll pop it in the letterbox if you’re not too far from Drumcondra or by post if it’s a bit further out
Ah here, I'd have to pay you for that. I'm quite near, I live near Albert college Park

Hey @dudley any recommendations on the coffee? Just stupidly picked up ground in the supermarket instead of beans. It'll do for emergencies but might give these lads a go. Was looking at the Colombia El Puente? Don't want to buy a load of it and not get it right. Don't go for the frothy coffees anymore. just black or with a bit of cream.
The Colombian one is really something else. Pretty intense, so much so my wife isn't a fan. I'd go for the 250g bag of that and a kilo of the kaleidoscope, if you want to be cool like me.
For anyone in and around Mount Merrion/Clonskeagh, this is good. Michaels restaurant is doing a drive through service. You book a slot, they send you a menu to order, you roll up to the restaurant and they put the grub straight in the boot, then disinfect the handle! Such service!

The Colombian one is really something else. Pretty intense, so much so my wife isn't a fan. I'd go for the 250g bag of that and a kilo of the kaleidoscope, if you want to be cool like me.
These arrived yesterday.

So where are folks buying their vinyls?
Most usual places seem to be still going finders keepers is having a sale currently ( has a 20% off code this week with a fairly big catalogue. This Spanish label is currently having a sale Quartet Records | Specializes in the release of soundtracks who release mostly on CD but I think you'd have wait a while on that one. I don't who else but I'd imagine most labels and bands are still shipping although I did see one UK label saying the were talking a break but Norman records etc are still open.
New imbibe coffee club announced, it's like Christmas once a month now!

Hi all,

I no longer know how to begin these mails. It's such a strange time for everyone and I hope you're all keeping both safe and well. Our Coffee Club has I freely admit been a little haphazard in timing and usually only every two to three months. Now, however that the majority of our customers are closed we've had to morph quite quickly into a business that sells directly to homes. The response has been amazing and through people sharing photos on Instagram or nice words on Twitter about our coffee I'm very confident the staff will continue to get fully paid and the lights will stay on so thank you. We will now also GRIND YOUR COFFEE for whatever brew method you use which we hope many will find helpful.

We received tremendous feedback on La Promesa from last time out. We don't believe a better coffee has been roasted on these shores in 2020 and as some people were disappointed not to be able to get more we have for the first time in the history of Coffee Club decided to repeat a coffee and put it on again. We're also going to roast a coffee from Burundi. We cupped about 50 coffees from here until we landed unanimously on this one so we think you'll enjoy it.

Thankfully we've made a return to some form of technology and you can view details of the coffees on our site here. We intent to roast these coffees this Thursday 16th for shipping the following Monday. As both are naturally processed coffees we would recommend that you don't open them for at least a week from roast before drinking.


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