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As in proxying your browsing through someone else’s residential internet connection?
Yeah, I think so - something like this A top-notch provider of proxy services. -

Wow, looks like you can also proxy through people's phone connections :eek:

So this must be how selling/buying streams on Spotify works

If I made a playlist containing 24 3-minute Stoat songs and played it constantly on rotation each song would get played 20 times every 24 hours, which is the limit of streams-of-a-single-song-per-user-per-day that Spotify counts. That's 480 streams per day which at EUR0.004 per stream gets me EUR1.92 per day, or EUR57.60 a month. I'm on a family subscription, which costs only EUR4.50 a month per person, so I'm making >50 a quid a month profit

Scale that up to 1000 Spotify accounts over a residential proxy network and I'm making 50 grand a month. Fuck me
Ok so here's a prediction - Spotify will move to a new model of money distribution within the year. The record labels will probably try and manipulate it to be more friendly to them than to bottom-feeder musicians like us, but the key to the new model will be that an individual user's behaviour can't affect the distribution of a larger amount of money than they have paid in subscription fees

@pete maybe we could change the thread title to something like "Residential proxies and Spotify"?

edit: or actually maybe not, I wanna see if I can make some money out of betting on something like this in a prediction market first ...
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