Major Pleasures (1 Viewer)

Is shadenfreude a major pleasure?
Issues with the ex, but I shan't bore you with that.

But I rocked into the lovely living room tonight and there was two hilarious cats doing cat things. I couldn't stop laughing. Ate some delicious food and went on Thumped.
Nah, he worked on the Ludacris cartoon show

So I think that he's going to get to hang/meet Ludacris
Which doesn't seem fair (insofar as it's not happening to me)

My father's dragon?

My brother's swag-on morelike

Peanut Butter Rap GIF by Jif
Sold some records and expected about €80-100 for the lot. Ended up getting €530 in credit and spent it all today. It was like supermarket sweep as I hoovered up a bunch of vinyls*.

*spelling it correctly for @pete.
Did someone flag this as inappropriate? Is it because I said vinyls? Or because you’re jealous of my big juicy load (of records).
This message has been reported.
I used to report posts for not being funny

Pete didn't think that was funny.

You can't win, man

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