Mohammad Syfkhan 'I Am Kurdish' Dublin Album Launch (1 Viewer)

Mohammad Syfkhan 'I Am Kurdish' Dublin Album Launch
Posted by Vinnie
Bello Bar
Friday, March 29, 2024 - 08:00 PM
Until: Friday, March 29, 2024 - 11:00 PM
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Enthusiastic Eunuch In Association With Nyahh Records Proudly Presents the launch of Mohammad Syfkhan's acclaimed debut album 'I Am Kurdish' with special guest E The Artist + a Nyahh Records DJ Set

"The story behind Mohammad Syfkhan’s 'I Am Kurdish' is as extraordinary as the music within – maybe even more so.." - The Quietus

Preorder 'I Am Kurdish' here

Irish based Syrian/Kurdish artist Mohammad Syfkhan’s debut album ‘I Am Kurdish’ displays his brand of ecstatic music which takes elements from Middle Eastern and North African music to create an atmosphere of joy, love and happiness.

Mohammad Syfkhan is a Kurdish/Syrian Singer and Bouzouki player. He began playing music in 1980 while he was in college studying nursing. When he got his degree in 1983, Mohammad moved to the city of Raqqa, Syria where hebegan working as a professional singer and started his own band, The Al-Rabie Band which played concerts, parties, weddings and festivals all over Syria. The Al-Rabie Band were a much sought-after group. Their live sets included Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and some Western songs as well as Mohammad’s own original material. Mohammad continued to play with his band while also working as a surgical nurse until the war broke out in 2011. This unfortunately brought tragedy to Mohammad’s family when one of his sons was killed by Isis thus threatening the lives of the rest of his family. His family had no choice but to leave their home and seek safety in Europe. Three of Mohammad’s sons were resettled in Germany while Mohammad, his young daughter and wife were taken in by Ireland. Mohammad has spoken at length of his confusion and despair with fundamentalists and how their message is a far cry from the teachings of love and understanding that he considers the true message of Islam.

Since arriving in Ireland, Mohammad has used the language of music to integrate into the local community by playing at private parties and concerts. He regularly plays at weddings and events for the Kurdish and Syrian communities all over Ireland and in Germany. He has collaborated with such Irish artists as Martin Hayes, Cormac Begley, Eimear Reidy, Cathal Roche and Vincent Woods. In 2023 he opened for Lankum at the Cork Opera House and received huge applause from the packed out room. The songs on ‘I am Kurdish’ have been recorded and mixed with the view to make them to suitable for listening to at a small get together or to be played on a big rig at night clubs. Either way, it is a record that will make people dance. Three of the tracks on the album feature accompaniment by two fellow Leitrim-based musicians: composer, improviser, sound artist and saxophonist Cathal Roche and composer, improviser and cellist Eimear Reidy. Mohammad plans to tour this new album extensively across the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

“I thank everyone who has stood with me and supported me. And I especially thank the Irish people who have engaged with my music in such a wonderful way. I consider myself lucky to have come to this wonderful country that has welcomed me and all refugees. I thank God for everything, and now, thanks to
this wonderful country, I am a musician and have a safe home. Thank you to the Irish government and people for giving me the honour of calling this country my home.” - Mohammad Syfkhan

E The Artist

E The Artist Is A Nigerian-Irish Multidisciplinary Creator Based In Dublin. In Terms Of Music, His Genre Can Be Defined As "Sillywave" Or For The More Well-Versed "Rapscallion-Jazz", Often Combining Elements From Whatever Stupid Soundcloud Subgenres He's Hyperfixated On At The Time.
This was great.
The guy who played first did some interesting at times, almost inaudible, rumbling sounds that had my clothes shaking, with very low vocals contributing. Bits reminded me of spacey early Cluster.
He seems to play very varied material -
I expected left field electro hip hop.

Mohammad Syfkhan played the longest set I've seen. He was playing for about 2 hours(??) and on 3rd song of encore when I had to leave at 11:26.
Great stuff - the CD is his more straightforward tracks but he goes to an even higher level live.
Mohammad got the crowd to sit down so everyone could see and got a great response from the start.
Eventually people gradually got up and there was lots of dancing and clapping along. Intense!
A few pals of Mohammad were particularly enthused.
Terrific musician and look forward to seeing him many more times.

I love Turkish artists like Erkin Koray, Selda, Arif Sag, Zafer Dilek and Derdiyoklar Iklisi so it was dream come through to see someone playing music from a nearby region.

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