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apparently one option would be to remove the other strings and push it out from inside the body. i'll try that later.

That's what I've done in the past, but I've only done it on your typical acoustic. I can't see what you've got there.

And since you're going to probably going to change the strings anyway...
A very sad friend told me last night that he'd snapped the neck on his guitar. At the headstock. I told him I'd look at this thread. He "loved that guitar, man". I loved that guitar and I've never even touched it.

Is there any hope?
I'll ask when I see him again. He was in the grieving process last night so I didn't ask.
les pauls are famous for snapping at the headstock; the edge's explorer broke once, possibly twice, and was repaired. they can be repaired, but i couldn't guess the cost.
My SG Standard has had it's neck snapped multiple times. Looking at 1-200 euro repairs cost. Maybe more being in London. Providence Guitars do amazing work over that way so worth giving them a shout.

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