CAGEDBABY, Blue Ghost & Backlash DJs - latenite this friday at CrawDaddy (1 Viewer)


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Dec 10, 2001
you know you'd fackin lav it.... really this is brilliant


+ BLUE GHOST (live)
+ DJ Jon Averill (BACKLASH)

CrawDaddy, Harcourt St.

Fri 21st Oct. 11:30 till late

Both experimental and exceptional. This year’s Mylo?” 4/5. Irish Times

“Our tip for the top is Cagedbaby, think an electronic version of T Rex and you would be half way there” - Time Out

Having created the dance music media frenzy of 2005 over the last month with the release of their phenomenal debut album ‘Will See You Now’, Brighton’s CAGEDBABY play their debut Irish show this Friday with a live show at CrawDaddy featuring REAL instruments.

Cagedbaby’s have a sound that is extremely eclectirc and varied yet consistent enough to be distinctly their own and to sound very very current. Hence the wildly differing comparisons to who they are like musically. ‘The new Royksopp’ according to Xfm’s Eddie Temple Morris while other reviews compare them to everyone from Mylo to Death In Vegas. The one common theme running through all their review is the quality. Hence the 4 star reviews from publications as diverse as The Guardian, iDJ, Q and The Irish Times

Support on this show comes from Blue Ghost – who come on the back of a storming show at this year’s Electric Picnic – and Backlash DJ Jon Averill.

Cagedbaby - a biog

Brighton in Spring. Pac-a-mac families huddle together on the seafront, defiantly eating their chips and ignoring the bluster of a typical seaside downpour. Tom Gandey, aka cagedbaby, takes a long sip of his pint, settles into one of the warm nooks of the Fortune of War and gazes out of the window, smiling. “I’ve travelled to lots of amazing countries over the last few years,” he laughs. “Amazing hot countries, but I still love it here. I’m Brighton born and bred.”

The son of wholesome hippies, Gandey was raised amidst boats and pianos. His two brothers now run their father’s fishmonger business, but Tom decide to follow more in the footsteps of the distaff side. “All my mum’s family are classical musicians and my grandfather was a conductor of the Royal Philharmonic,” he smiles. “When I was young I thought I might combine both of the family passions and become a rockstar yachtsman. You know, like Simon le Bon.” And he’s far from given up on this dream. “I’ve got this vision of me in five years time re-living the scene at the end of Trading Places,” he grins.

Growing up Tom soon learnt to love the buzz of performing to an audience. By the age of eight he was already playing the piano better than any of his school teachers and would entertain his classmates by jamming classical hymns. He also began to write his own material: “I’d sit at my piano and play for hours,” he recalls. “I’d be writing little chord progressions and maybe come up with some lyrics and sing them.” But as the hairy-palmed grasp of adolescence began to take hold, assembly recitals were swapped for stints in local bands and Tom’s creativity took a decidedly, erm, experimental turn: “Everything I do is very influenced by films,” he explains, pausing only to polish off the remnants of his second pint. “Classics like The Goonies and Cocoon. I started to experiment by taking the audio from one film and laying it over a muted version of another. It was like phonic art. At one point I had Texas Chainsaw Massacre going with Song of The South – it was pretty fucked up.”

Production came naturally with the skills he already possessed and with friends like Ashley Slater and Cut la Roc on hand to help out, Tom’s sound began to take shape. “I used to mess about making love songs, playing piano and singing Elton to over-amorous grannies at Freemason Dinner Dances,” he laughs, sweeping his techno-hippy locks out of his eyes. “But I realised I needed to do something more rock ‘n’ roll.”

And so the cagedbaby persona began to evolve. Think acid-house superhero meets New Romantic. Influenced by everything from Talking Heads to Toto it’s music that pops out of the speaker with a martini in its hand. But why the name? “You want the idealistic version or the truth?” he smiles. “Either it’s something to do with being linked to the earth, chained to Mother Nature by an unseen umbilical chord. Or I chose it because my releases would end up being next to the Chemical Brothers in the racks at HMV. Either way if you type it into Google you get lots of weird pictures of little kids behind bars.”

cagedbaby’s big break came after a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Miami Winter Music Conference in 2002. DJ Magazine were looking for an unsigned artist to follow around and stumbled across Tom in his most natural habitat - a party. Stunned by the quality of his demo, they covered him in a two-page feature. Simultaneously he was throwing out promos to the producers he respected and couldn’t look past Southern Fried when deciding which labels to approach. "I liked their reputation,” he chuckles. "They’re such a bunch of reprobates. I managed to talk my way into their exclusive party at the Nash Hotel and got my demo to everybody who counted.” Needless to say the label snapped him up on the spot and released his first track ‘Star’ as a double AA with ‘Berlin’ on the reverse. Since then he’s gone on to remix artists as diverse as Ocean Colour Scene, Armand Van Helden and Har Mar Superstar, who was recently spotted standing on a table in a crowded London bar, doing groin thrusts and repeatedly shouting “cagedbaby is a fucking genius.”

Now, after over a year in the studio, Tom is finally set to release his debut album cagedbaby ‘will see you now’ on Southern Fried Records. You might well think we were being a bit bold, if we started comparing it to the Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads, Raspberry Beret-era Prince, the Beloved and INXS, but one listen to first single ‘16 Lovers’ or ‘Hello There’ and you’ll soon see it’s not just pr bollocks.

“I'm really pleased with the way the album came about,” admits Tom, modestly. “Listening to it for the first time as a piece of work rather than just a collection of tracks in my head is a real pleasure.”

And it’s not just his productions that are causing a bit of a rumpus: Tom’s eclectic DJ mix of everything from odd-ball leftfield to pornstar-electro has wowed both punters and Portuguese trannies alike.

Now with the backing of a full band and Tom performing both keyboards and vocals, the cagedbaby live show is also set to go on the road,

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