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As said, it's more that the entire show (and the life and limbs of our Ringo kid), is relying on a bit of 2x1 timber that's been wanged into the back of the beautiful but impractical and dangerous riser. It's alright lads, it's not like it's live TV, or it's not like people will be looking at this in 60 years time.
Was my reaction exactly. Imagine the insurance nowadays.
MBV - (Please) Lose Yourself in Me (1987)
featuring lots of band and Fender Jaguar photos from late 80's-early 90's
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Simon Gallup wins this hair battle.

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This one often comes up...

Judas Priest with Andy Warhol in the NYC Mudd Club toilets circa 1979.
Rob handcuffed himself to Andy who was happy with that.

Err... Sorry. Photo link didn't work very well.
But click image and it looks grand.


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Judah Altamont on Instagram:
Amazing pictures of old Japanese punk bands mostly from the 1980's e.g. SOB, The Comes, Outo, Confuse, GISM and many, many others.

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