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It took off with Ringo, I think on the Ed Sullivan show, but yes, camera reasons really. There may be some sort of acoustic reason but you guys know more than me. Drummers do get lovely rugs as well.

Drummers are special.

In a world of there being 3-4 microphones in existence in any high class venue possibly putting the kit at the level of the vocal mics would get better transfer.
Going back before the era of amplified bands, the drummer needs to see the bandleader in big band music so burying out of eyeline isn't gonna work.
For brevity I didn't mention it earlier, but the rise of the riser eventually led to ever higher risers and this madness.

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Who is this or is the drum riser the notable thing here??

As said, it's more that the entire show (and the life and limbs of our Ringo kid), is relying on a bit of 2x1 timber that's been wanged into the back of the beautiful but impractical and dangerous riser. It's alright lads, it's not like it's live TV, or it's not like people will be looking at this in 60 years time.

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