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    Need weed contact

    I like the pope. The pope smokes dope.
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    Comic Books

    Shaky trailer for the Walking Dead series: Looking good. Not sure I would've cast Egg though.
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    Not very tolerant of those of us with Springsteen fetishes.
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    Office-Speak phrases you hate

    "do the needful" In India, like.
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    De lads

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    job hunting

    Get prison fit:
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    sexy irish

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    The state pathologist, Dr Marie Cassidy, groaned as the harsh fluorescent light reflected off the pristine white tiles and into her eyes. She had a steaming hangover and the morgue was no place to be trying to sleep it off at 7AM. She was woken from her reverie by the entrance of her well built...
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    if jack lynch had invaded?

    Didn't see it but I imagine it was only 2 1/2 minutes long. IF JACK LYNCH HAD INVADED We tell the story how Jack Lynch dealt with the crisis of August 1969, and explores what might have happened had the Irish Army crossed the border TALKING HEAD: The Brits would have flattened us. FIN
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    Rehearsal space for rent from 1st Oct

    This is no longer available
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    Rehearsal space for rent from 1st Oct

    Have a rehearsal space to rent in D1, near capel street. Available from 1st October It's roughly 18x18 ft, partially sound proofed, with a small space to store gear. The rent is 900 per month. This is fairly steep, so the idea would be that whoever rents it will share with other bands they...
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    FNM: i hoped they wouldn't reform...

    Could be my bandy ears, considering what everyone else is saying, but I didn't think the sound was great. That said, it was a fucking great gig. Spent the first 20 minutes grinning for no other reason than I was at faith no more.
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    Comic Books

    The fact that they've been apparently talking to some of the writers who worked on it in the 80's is promising enough. If it's just a case of them adding marvel man to the marvel universe it's going to be lame beyond belief.
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    Comic Books

    Marvel have purchased the rights to Marvelman/Miracleman: They may have been talking to Moore and Gaiman about it too: Fingers...