Whipping Boy - Heartworm

Thumped Album Club Week 45: Whipping Boy – Heartworm (1995)

Thumped Album Club heads back to 1995 for this week’s choice – Whipping Boy‘s Heartworm

Whipping Boy‘s major label debut, Heartworm, appeared in 1994 and was greeted with glowing reviews. Despite allegations of misogyny arising from the lyrics in one song on the album, three successful singles were released. “We Don’t Need Nobody Else” was the first and best, and featured mostly spoken lyrics about Irish life. The casual, off-handed reference to domestic violence in this song makes it all the more effective. “Twinkle” was the second single, as good as the previous release, and catalogued the horrifying faults of the female partner in a relationship, before blossoming into the gorgeous chorus “She’s the one for me/Now and always”. “When We Were Young” was the third single released. – Allmusic.

As usual, give it three listens before commenting, and comments can be posted either further down the page or over on the forum.

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