Riot 77 #17 Out Now

Issue #17 of Irish punk fanzine Riot 77 is out now Included in the issue are interviews with punk rock lifer and former Cramp and Gun Clubber Kid Congo Powers, Cro-Mags frontman and author John Joseph McGowan, modern day saviors of Rock n’ Roll nihilism The Spits, Canada’s premier Garage Punk and Oi! label Ugly Pop Records and a rare chat with Sab Grey from pioneering U.S.A. skinhead band Iron Cross.

Riot 77 is available in Dublin from Freebird Records (Wicklow Street), Spindizzy Records (Georges Arcade) and Thomas House Pub (86 Thomas Street) for the meagre sum of 3 Euros. Available in the U.K. through That’s Not Skanking in Manchester, The Punker Bunker in Brighton, All Ages in London and Negative Reaction in the Northeast. In France through UVPR, Spain through Bronco Bullfrog, Sweden through Heptown Records, Hungary through Scampkid and the U.S. through Run & Hide, Slovenly and Green Noise Records (Portland, Oregon) … alternatively for €6 elsewhere you can have it delivered straight to your door!!!! Simply send some well-concealed cash to the PO Box or to the PayPal email address.

Riot 77 Magazine: PO Box 11342, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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