Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires – Dereconstructed

It’s ok to be an outsider and it’s ok to stand for what you believe in‘ – Niall McGuirk gets back to his country roots with a little help from Lee Bains III & The Glory FiresDereconstructed

So we had elections in Ireland recently and the results are still being digested by people. Each political party are claiming credit for something and feel they are all winners. Some stats are thrown out to make it seem like their argument is logical. Quite plainly the plain people of Ireland know most of them are wrong. The plain people also know what way they voted and they were looking for someone to believe in… it strikes me that they are still searching. There is a palpable level of anger and distrust amongst the population of this country.

Don’t ever trust the Company Man is probably the best piece of advice you’ll ever get and it is what Lee Bains III starts of this record with. The Company Man can be your boss at work but just as easily it can mean the political bigwigs looking for you to place your faith in them. The reality is we need to take the control ourselves and work in our own communities. We don’t need to elect people to ensure our streets are clean we can get out and do it ourselves, and while we are out we can have a big party to accompany it, so why not get Lee Bains III’s dirty country sound to provide the soundtrack. Like the Dukes Of Hazard, if they were proper bandits instead of lovable rogues.

Take all those country singers you know and dislike, the ones with cowboy boots and stetsons to make you think they are the finished article. Put them in a blender and force them to be real with a mix of noise and spew them out and maybe then Lee Bains III will let them be in the Glory Fires but only if it means something real to them. Under the country dirt rock what is being proclaimed is a call for people to take a stand on what they believe is right. It’s OK to wonder why people are being killed for a flag. Flags has one of the best lines I’ve read in a long time:

“Senior year, you could go deaf from all the talk of terrorists and Muslim fundamentalists.
And I thought it strange in a town where so-called believers blew up women’s clinics we had the gall to act so offended.”

It’s ok to be an outsider and it’s ok to stand for what you believe in. Learn how to say a firm “No Sir” and blast your own path. That’s what the Glory Fires have done and if you want to go down that country party well at least you’ve made your own mind up and I’m guessing you’ll be looking to put Garth in that blender before he makes it to Croke Park this year.

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