DCTV Wants Your Videos

Dublin Community TV are looking for music videos from independent bands and producers.

Dublin Community TV are looking for music videos from independent bands and producers.

Dublin Community Television has launched it’s schedule for the month of March and it contains a number of programmes of obvious interest to viewers of thumped and those around the independent music scene in Ireland.  Up North, Northern Visions broadcasts ‘Kick Out The Jams.’ The show usually lasts 20-30mins and features local bands, gigs on location and invite bands into their studio to perform acoustically.  This month DCTV showcases Kick Out The Jams epsisodes featuring The Flaws and Ham Sandwich.

Keep it Underground: The Music Board Of Ireland is an investigative documentary exploring the lack of government support, and obstacles for young bands in the Irish music scene

Roll Up Your Sleeves a movie made by Dylan Haskin and friends covers their journey into the DIY counter culture that binds networks of music producers and cultural creatives together at home and abroad.

The Stars Are Underground is a 24-minute film documenting the underground music scene in Dublin in 1996. The film documents a generation of Irish bands who took their inspiration from American hardcore punk bands and self-financed their own records and releases rather than wait for the help of commercial giants.

DCTV’s unique mission to enhance diversity, empowerment and participation in media also applies to communities that form around music scenes.  As we move forward, we’d like to develop a space for musicians and producers in Dublin to submit their videos to us to be scheduled as part of our entertainment block.  An area of our broadcasting we’d like to develop into a source for underground music and cultural documentaries for NTL viewers.

If you have something you’d like us to broadcast, then send a DVD along with a copy of our release form to;

101-103 James St,
Dublin 8.


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