DCTV September Schedule

DCTVThe September schedule for independent community TV channel DCTV is now available.

The September schedule for independent community TV channel DCTV is now available.

Woop! It’s that time of the month again, and we’ve got a new schedule for September which you can read about below. We’ve got some treats in store this month, our Independent Media block has been given over to the work of Joanne Richardson and we’ve a new mould breaking drama called The House. Richardson films look at the lives of Romanian women, globalisation and the difficulties facing political activists in a post-communist Eastern Europe. We’ve also significantly revised the content in our Gimme the Camera block, packing it with the work of more up and coming film makers. If there’s anything we’re most proud of this month, it’s bringing the drama series The House to the air.

This Month on DCTV
The House: A Ground Breaking New Drama Hits DCTV.
For Dave Nolan printing is a craft and he is a master craftsman. But the world is changing as low cost, high speed digital printing presses make the old methods redundant. Unable to even turn on a computer, Dave finds himself unemployed and unemployable with a teenage daughter to provide for. When his old school friend Tony asks him to caretake his house while he’s on business in China, Dave jumps at the chance. While primarily a drama, The House takes an innovative, new approach to the issue of IT literacy. Training experts from FIT worked with the makers, to transfer their groundbreaking e-literacy training modules into a drama series. The House is an eight part series and will broadcast Thursdays at 7 pm, repeating Fridays at 12:30 and Sunday at 7pm.
Here’s the cream of the crop for September.

The Insider
around the country//
In this episode of Northern Visons’ series The Insider, we are whipped away on a journey into the Belvoir Activity Centre outside Belfast for a look at the North’s tradition of marching bands and their new role as unfunded youth organisations.

My Story
Digital Stories//
Rosaleen McDonagh is a community worker, political activist, academic and playwright. Originally from Sligo, she now lives in Dublin and works as a Joint Co-ordinator of the Women Against Violence Programme at Pavee Point Travellers’ Centre. This film made at the Project Arts Center in Dublin gets to know more about Rosaleen during the build-up to her play, ‘Stuck’.

Tommy Chernobyl Versus The South Side Satanists
gimme the camera//
Directed by UCD Film Soc’s Stephen Cadwell, this bang no-budget of heroics exemplifies exactly why we have a block called Gimme The Camera. Set in Dublin, the film is about the downside to committee decision making, demarcation, oh and of course the summoning of demonic forces. With an epic cast of a DOZEN this film resurrects the oft forgotten buddy-genie-cop-horror-comedy genre.

Precarious Lives
In this feminist documentary, Joanne Richardson mixes archival footage of women’s labour over the past century with 10 portraits of Romanian women working in different countries today. The video challenges the dominant discourse about precarity, a term that emerged out of the Italian social movement laboratory to describe the work discipline of neo-liberalism. It’s an experience characterized by a chopped up and insecure working life, and in this film Richardson emphasizes the gender disparities, as well as the gap between east and west that define that reality in Romania.
About DCTV
Dublin Community Television (DCTV) is Ireland’s newest TV broadcaster, having secured a 10-year Community Licence from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). It is run by a co-operative and Dublin’s only community TV station. With offices in Temple Bar and the Digital Hub, DCTV has plans to base small-scale production facilities around the city, making video and television production and transmission as accessible as possible.


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